The Ladies of Champagne Chatter

Introducing the ladies of Champagne Chatter!
Posted at 1:23 am by caseycampbell5187, on December 21, 2018

This is Casey

I like to think that I am sassy, I am classy, and I am a little bit nasty. In reality, I am the divorced mom (so proud) of nine year old twins that are of average intelligence. *Most of my pictures will be selfies because my two orangutans are just smart enough to get ahold of my phone, change the password, and lock me out of it forever.

In the last year and half, I have learned how to rock the divorced life, co-parent with a perm-smile on my face, and side-hustle like a mother-trucker. All in the name of bringing up semi-well adjusted children.

Champagne Chatter is an opportunity to publicly share my personal passions as well as hopefully give some inspiration and connect with other people whose lives have suddenly fallen to shit (in one way or another).

I swear, drink whiskey/tequila/wine/beer, go to therapy and bad-mouth my ex (not in front of my kids, of course), all in the name of recovery. Is it the right way to get yourself back on track after your life takes a serious nose dive? I don’t really care if it is the right way, it is my way. So far it is working out just great.

Favorites of mine include:

  • Sports: Washington State University Cougar Football (watching not playing)
  • Foods: Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter and Nutella (both eaten with a spoon separately or together, right out of the jar)
  • Drinks: Coffee, icy cold skim milk, Diet Mt. Dew, and anything that has alcohol in it
  • Favorite Kitchen Appliance: Kitchen Aid Mixer (Game-freaking changer!) and Crockpot (Because my ex-husband hated the Crockpot, so now I use it twice a week as an F-You to him. Also because I didn’t learn to cook until I got divorced, and the Crockpot is a no fail method of cooking meat correctly without the risk of getting salmonella)
  • Hobbies: I have no hobbies. I spend a lot of time watching youth sports. Not because it is fun, but apparently as a parent, I am expected to watch my kids play the sports that I pay for them to play.I also meal plan out of necessity. It takes an unGodly amount of time each week to make sure there is enough food in the house to make semi-healthy, non-organic meals every day for three people.
  • Talents: Binge watching t.v. Especially bad t.v.
  • Fears: Being at a party or gathering and the host having a “Surprise Talent Show.” I have no talents. Other people’s talents are stupid, and no one actually has a good voice or funny jokes. Also, most of us that attended public school growing up, know how to juggle, at least a little bit. We all learned how to do it in P.E. class. Unless your three year old is juggling fire and knives at the same time, I am not interested.
  • Life Goals: Be skinny, rich and fabulous!

This Is Margaret

It’s hard to sum myself up under a certain word count.  What can I say, I’m a messy person.  I’m learning that this is ok since life is messy.  I am a mom of three, a wife and a friend.


Books.  Any kind.  I’ll read trashy romance novels, business books, self-help, memoirs, even well written grocery lists.  One of my best friends says reading is her super power.  I recently read “ The Last Black Unicorn” and Tiffany Haddish said the same thing.  I’m pretty sure it is everyone’s.


Running.  I don’t know how many miles I’ve run in my life, but I’ve run a lot of miles.  The only run I’ve ever regretted going on was the one when I slipped on a patch of ice and took a spectacular spill and it hurt so bad I couldn’t get up.  People stopped their cars on the side of the road to ask if I was ok.  I was bleeding and I hoped nothing was broken, but the only reason I wanted to cry was because my lululemons were torn.  RIP to my favorite crops.


According to C, most people’s talents are stupid.  I am certainly no exception.


Never writing anything.  I am one step closer to conquering my fears with this blog.  Hooray!

C and I firmly believe in telling the truth about life, the good, the bad and ugly.   This blog is our take on it.  We hope that sharing our stories will make you feel less alone in navigating the hard and making the most of the fun.  We all need a network of women who will give you a high five when you start your own business and accomplish big things, yet reassure you there is no need for guilt when you take that 4:00 tequila shot or binge watch bad TV.  We’re here for you.